Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well I am Officially 'Floored'

And Speechless...other than..."Oh My Gosh"..."Golly Gee Wiz"..."Ah Shucks" "Your Kidding...right"??... My sweet, Dear and long time friend MARIE SEGAL OF 'ART FROM MY HEART" actually created an Award for Richard and Myself.... an Award that pays a beautiful tribute to our years of Doll Making I said, Speechless!!... which any of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that for me to be 'Speechless' is right up there with Earth's Strangest Anomalies! I was in no way expecting this kind and caring tribute...and then to receive from a woman who I so highly respect and treasure in friendship...well, that is the delicious Icing on this Gifted Cake of an Award.
Richard and I have been making dolls for a very long time...full time, each day...everyday. Do we grow tired of our chosen profession ...only our bodies, after all these years of stooping, bending, lifting, twisting,torquing... only in our minds...that are a bit more forgetful, take a tad longer to figure out something or forget where we put the scissors or sand block...but our hearts are still young and Madly in love with each and every doll we create...each seeming as new and exciting as our first. Thank you dear Marie for this honor... and Yes, as per your request I will go in search of Bloggers whose Sculpting hearts are filled with love and skill.

You also asked 4 questions with this Award... so here goes....

1. What is the theme you choose to work with most and why?

Well both Richard and I enjoy Ethnic, Native American,African,Asian etc... as it allows us lots of research time which we adore ...but of course I love Halloween too, sadly I never seem to find more time to work on Halloween like I would like to.

2. Who most influenced your sculpting path?

So many... hard to pin point just one... I would have to say that Bob McKinley was the one artist that kept us on the path with inspiration, focus, dedication, desire and witness how Bob felt about Art/Dolls was to 'Know' that you made the right choice....

3. If you could have all the money in world, would you still do this?

Yes.... but differently.... no rules, we would only create what our desires dictated to us...and have a MUCH BIGGER

4. How does your blogging world help you and others?

Gosh, not sure how or if my blogging helps others ...but I do know and feel that Blogging to me is a Door Opener... You never know who is on the other side when the doorbell rings... you open, you meet and you invite in...and soon these New Friends become caring, understanding amazing good 'I feel like I have known you forever' friends.... The community of Bloglandia is safe and comfortable and we all seem to be there for one another...I like that!



Monday, July 6, 2009

I have been Reminiscing Again...

I have been doing that a lot lately... taking that peaceful stroll down Memory is just so relaxing for me to do... gives me a small chance to hop back into a time when all seemed safe and calm and right with the world.
Though I of course don't remember the above picture time...this is indeed one of my favorite pictures is of My Dad and Me... He used to play little tunes to me and my Mom said I would smile and laugh all the while...and for those that might be worried he was playing his trumpet loudly...nope, Mom said he played at a whisper tone... Even though I do not remember this sparks other memories of Dad and Me... all of my life until I was about 14 I would help dad clean his trumpet and sit on the edge of the bath tub watching with amazement as he practiced (good acoustics in the ...I was his little buddy and he was my Hero....I miss him so...but, our memories live quite nicely in old photos...they trip a switch in our minds that allows us wonderful time travel ... Time Marches Forward but Memories linger behind keeping a safe and comfortable place for us to visit anytime we wish...
Happy Monday,