Friday, December 31, 2010


Well the Year in winding down...slowly at first now it is picking up the pace a bit...soon 2010 will seem like just a memory... So many things to be Thankful for, a few reasons to feel sadness, Lots of Joy and sharing, Tears, always lots of tears... and memories enough for *two* two thousand and tens!! Each old year that closes and gives way to the New ..I always search my soul for the possible things I should have done, could have done, would have done... the events and issues that seemed to slip by me , never to return...the weight I should have lost or the phone calls I should have made, the trip I should have taken ... but in the end...I never regret a thing, the would'haves, should'haves and could'haves ...all seem small and unimportant in the scheme of things... I think if at the end of a year...or at the end of anything for that matter...if you can say to yourself..."My, that was fun and such a wonderful adventure" ... then you have accomplished just exactly what you should have ...the ability to smile at the end of it all.
I shall bask in the happiness of friendships here in Bloglandia well into the New Year...for love and friendships are really the only thing that bring the inner peace we all seek...
So until I see you all again in the New Year.... I am *Clicking* this photo of you all out there and keeping it close to my heart for whenever an extra smile is needed...
Happy new year One and All
Big Hugs,
Jodi and Richard