Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dobby...the House Elf

Dobby is one of the characters that I have secretly yearned to create since we started making several One of a Kind characters from Harry Potter... this gentle little fellow seemed like the Cherry on top of the cake to me and though we have many other character we will be making...I could wait no longer. With these photos it is a classic case of 'Photos do not do him justice' In person he is so small and peaceful looking...photos with a good camera make him seem to close and in your face. He is fully sculpted over armature and if standing would be no bigger than 3 inches tall (but I have given him a firm order NOT to stand on the stool!!) He proudly holds his little 'Gift' of a sock.... he is now his own House Elf..... a man about town!!
I will be putting him on ebay later today after Richard shoots a couple more shots ...
Hope you like this little fellow as much as I.... it will be hard to part with him....