Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Newest Passion ...KAYAKING!!!!!!

It has been ages since my last post... not really sure where the time goes...but one thing is for went!! Lots has been happening since my last post , really way to much to post in one I will do it in dribs and drabs....starting with our New Passion!!!


Heading for the London Bridge

Richard and I recently purchased two Touring Kayaks ..his is 17 feet and mine is 14 feet. Both have rudders and are sea worthy (if we had a mind to go into the sea) but for now we are totally content just paddling around our home town of Lake Havasu , Arizona . It's a beautiful lake with over 500 miles of shore line.

Early Early Morning Trip

We paddle 2-3 times a week...getting down to the lake and putting in at 6:00am (beat the heat kinda thing) ..and then out by 10:00am. We have lived in Havasu for 7 years and sad to say that up until recently we have been on the lake approx. 3 we are one the lake that much in one week....and LOVING IT!!!! There is something very peaceful and tranquil about the water sit so close to it and feel each ripple , to have a BIG bass jump right next to your kayak , or ducks gather around you as you paddle by ...there are so many fish and bird habitats on Lake Havasu they are wonderful to carefully visit... and Havasu is on a migration flyway...and we get the chance to see so many birds we normally would not. I think I love it most of all because I can image being hundreds of miles away from EVERYTHING!!! No phone, no TV News, no nothing... just Richard and I quietly making our way through the blue waters...and after a few hours of bliss.... it takes us a couple more to get the smiles off of our faces...AHHHHHH!!!

I can tell you this.... that after a morning of paddling...our energy level is through the roof and our focus of our dolls is unbelievable. We figure it is a win win all the way around... good exercise (for both mind and body) ...I call it my 'Zen Zone'..

We are in the process of getting our little English Austin American car suited up with Kayak Racks we can easily get them loaded and travel further (Lake Powell comes to mind)...a week of camping in the tipi and kayaking...OH JOY!!! Will post picks of the Austin with the Kayaks's really a hoot...both are longer than the car....

Well that's it for now.... back to work for me.... it's Kayaking in the morning....

See You Soon