Thursday, April 14, 2011

'WormTail'...the Rat!!

Well Peter Pettigrew (aka Wormtail) is at last finished. For those that already have seen him on Facebook, thanks kindly for all your wonderful comments...

Wormtail was another labor of love for us...from start to finish it was a blast watching this little guy come to life. Of course I tend to *sigh* a lot and drool when I see Richard kickin into full gear making settings and little things to make a room seem so real...this has truly been one of my favorite things about doll making...watching him work (a true fan here...LOL) anyway... we truly enjoyed this piece because of the setting. He was a commission piece as are all of our Harry Potter Pieces... Now we are thinking about actually working on a miniature Haunted House Setting (2 stories with an attic) ...that is one thing we have yet to do...and seems like a fun challenge. Richard did make for my father as a Christmas Present about 28 years ago a lovely Wood Working Shop in inch and a half scale. My dad had retired from music and started working on his dream of building early American furniture Richard made him a small detailed cried and I said "hmmmmm" (maybe we are onto something...LOL!

Anyway, not since then have we built another like a room box or now maybe the time. Of course and speaking of will take a lot of it and I am not sure that with this economy we could sell that is the dilemma in art...what the artist desire to create is often times guided but if it will sell or not...the curse of a self employed artist....ahhhhhhh to be independently wealthy!!LOL... YEAH RIGHT!!! is something we are kicking around...we shall see. Now onto the next piece...and that too we are kicking around...UGH! My heart says one thing but my brain and logic says another ... I am going through a real thing lately...asking waaaay to many questions before starting me, bad thing to do as an artist, tends to cramp direction and style.

So that's about it from us...always heading forward...some days one step forward and two back and other days two forward and one back... not sure what today is...

Have a Great Weekend everyone..