Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Friday!

There is gonna be a wild and crazy Paintin Day at the old Creager Studio today!!! I am having some Artist Friends and My Sis over for Art/Craft Day ...we do this every so often when we feel the Need to release artistic tension .... and it's gonna get messy...OOOOOOOOoooOoooo just how I like it. I think we are going to make purses today ...all I know is there will be lots of paint involved, sewing, beading, embellishing and who knows what else...all bets off. I have drop cloths spread on the patio floor, plastic sheeting on my work tables...tubes of paint,boxes of beads, stacks of fabric and who knows what else spread out every which away. Should be fun...these are some very talented ladies and fun gals to be with....and dare I say...just a wee bit crazy!
I will try to 'sneak' a few photos and post later...that is if they don't catch me doing that...and paint me into a corner...if that is the case...I will have them pop a pic of 'that'.

Everybody needs a 'Release' day... from the routine of life and work... Oh, and I am serving my famous 'Aunt Dodi's Chinese Chicken Salad' for lunch...YUM!!!

Get back to you later...Happy Friday Everyone


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Good Morning from the beautiful Desert of Arizona... our friend and local artist Eddo Earley sent us this pic this morning....he takes such great shots of local wild life.... anyway I thought some of you might get a kick out of this one... Not many get to see a Roadrunner up this close .....Ed said he came out on his patio this morning and there was the Roadrunner just sitting on his railing ...relaxed and just checkin things out.... I love these birds...they are so curious and fun to watch....

Have a Great day...and 'Thanks' Eddo for another lovely and fascinating look into the wilds of Arizona...


Monday, June 1, 2009

Anniversary Time..

I woke this morning with a thought of both joy and panic.... Joyful in that I am still residing in blissful Happiness with the man laying beside me ... yet panic in that I REALLY want to know where the last 34 years has gone??!! I swear to you I was JUST 23 ... had no butt and no 'extra' chin ..and he was void of gray.... how does this happen??? Oh Well...I guess it is just some sort of ancient mystery that will never be for now, I am one of the luckiest girls in the world in that I found my Perfect Match and Mate in Richard...and he in me.

34 years ago almost to the minute of me jotting this message...Richard and I were wed in his Mother's Backyard under a mulberry tree that Richard planted when he was a boy ...sitting on hand made quilts that his mother made... we wanted this setting and not a church as we felt more spiritual in his mothers yard.. I made my dress from cotton linen and sewed on beads , nuts and organic little pods....I made Richard shirt .... our wedding party was casual and laid back...a small gathering of friends and family...we ate Veggie Burgers (I was a Vegetarian when I met Richard) and had homemade carrot cake in the shape of a big natural log (one of my friends was a baker)...pretty cool. We drank Nectar Rose Wine (they no longer make this wine) and listened to Seals and Crofts, Crosby Stills and Nash and John Denver. Then Richard and I headed to the wilds of outdoor camping in Utah and was heaven!

I created a 'Gallery of Memories' on our PBASE Gallery if anyone wants to 'Witness the Aging Process' and Gallery of Glasses and Hair-dos over the last 34 years.... kinda fun...

Hugs to All

Jodi and Richard