Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Tale of Woe..& That's How it Goes!!!

For anybody who has read my past blog posts or talked to me in know I am one to go on and on about our Magical Tipi , and how much we adore it... well 'Woe' came a knockin on our door this morning... when we stepped outside to the backyard to assess any damage that might have taken place during our recent rain and wind storms...we were not fully prepared to see this gaping hole in the side our our statuesque beauty.... It literally took our breath away for a second or two... as if something very precious was taken from you and you were helpless to do anything about it...
My second reaction (after the first one of shock) was the need to quickly cover the hole with anything I could...not to keep anything bad out ( after all it was a bright sunny day with no rain in sight) but rather my knee jerk reaction was to cover the hole so as to not let anything out!! I know it sounds weird but I do believe very good things dwell within the canvas skins of our magical they spirits of those before us, energy harnessed from visiting friends or even Dreams gathered and stored there....whatever it was...I did not want them to escape and be lost forever! The hole was facing the S.W. so this was good as it would not confuse the Morning Sun as it entered our tipi from the east.
Richard and I both realized that something like his would happen at some point...yet we really did not speak of it ...EVER! You see...we leave our Spiritual Abode up year round (can't even imagine not having it up to enjoy)...and with our blistering summer heat with it's relentless penetrating rays constantly beating up against her skin ..and the hot and cold winds that blow from both North and South , and the summer rains that drench her and leave her damped for sometimes days ...Our Spiritual Lady was bound to suffer this tragic end at some point . We painted her to protect her...and those colorful markings still hold true and strong... but her more exposed canvas accepts all that nature has to offer....and she did a wonderful job for 3 years straight. So now it is time to take her down and let her bones dry out a bit in the sunshine and to expose the ground for all manner of critter to scurry . Come this late spring when they finish the road work on our street and the weather warm and drys out ...we will buy our lovely lady a New Wrap and paint it pretty once again...
Soon there will be a new energy , spirits will once again gather and dreams will fill the inner walls of our magical place..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Article Published in ADQ!!

Howdy Do....
Just got notice that the New Art Doll Quarterly Magazine hit the stands (Spring Issue) ...actually found out through a friend on her Blog.... Artists are always the last to know!!!LOL... Anyway...this is the magazine that I wrote an article for on our Little Joury Nell ...also some steps that went into making was a blast to write and I hope to try my hand at some more in the future. I have not yet received my copy...but I am guessing this is now on stands.
Check out the cool doll on the cover...wild!!! I so enjoy the direction many of the new dolls are taking these days... Over the Top much imagination!
Anyway...just thought I would let you know, a few wrote to me privately and asked for me to let them know when it hit the stands.... It Hit!!!
Hugs ,
P.S. Hey if you have not done so yet.... put your name into the hat for my Necklace Giveaway....

Monday, January 25, 2010

OWOH -One World One Heart Blog Giveaway

Thanks so much for joining in....

QUICK NOTE: This Giveaway Ends SOON.... will close doors 10:00AM PST Monday February 15th...

Back in 2007 ...Lisa at a Whimsical Bohemian (Cool Name Huh!) Started this great way of Bloggers meeting each other...Bloglandia can be a pretty big place and this unique way of bringing us all together is genius. I do look forward meeting tons of new people and enjoying their blogs. Be sure to pop over to Lisa Blog and participate in all the fun adventures that await you... hold onto your is going to be a fun exciting ride through Bloglandia!

This is my First Year to Participate (Thank You 'Sprite') for letting me know about this fun event.

My 'Giveaway' is one of my Sculptural Wear Necklaces...primarily I am a Doll Maker but I do love to dabble in jewelry (as long as there is a face involved).

This necklace is handmade from Polymer Clay, Art Papers, Vintage Stones, Brass, Ivory, glass and stone.
From bottom stone to ivory beads on approx. 8 inches. Silver hook on leather cord finishes the pieces off nicely.

Here's How to Enter... Simply leave a comment on this post (Thank You for that) ... Last chance to enter will be Midnight (EST) February 14th . I will use the automatic generator number picker to select the winner...and then will announce the winner here on my Blog on the 15th.... I will contact you at that point....

Again Thanks for stopping by my Blog... I look forward to visiting yours...