Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks one and all for the Birthday Greeting...Update

I got a Brand New Set of Billiard Balls from my Dear Richard (he KNOWS what I like and what I want!) ... some ladies like diamonds...I prefer a good game of pool! Now to get the table!!! ONLY KIDDING ...we have a table on our back patio it is a 7 ft'r ..what they call 'Pub Sized' just a tad smaller than the regulation size....which is perfect as we don't really have the room for the big'n out there... I love my table and I LOVE Pool! It has always been a dream to get my own table one day as I am really not much for hangin out in smokey bars these days! Happenstance and Kismet aligned a few months ago when a neighbor who is parting ways with her hubby asked if we knew anyone who wanted to buy a pool table.....WHAT!!!!!!... my heart skipped several beats and I was down at her house before she was! Thanks to good friends and a few strong backs we managed to up the table onto dollies and roll it up the the middle of the street to be exact... waving traffic around us (thank goodness we live on a quiet street!) Anyway it happily sits on my patio next to kayaks and dart boards, tiki gods and cloth brick walls (got ya curious don't I) ...Sooooooooo...whose up for a game??????

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthdays come but once a Year...THANK GOODNESS!!!

I should clarify...I am really not that opposed to Birthdays...YES it means we are a year older, ...YES you can more easily hear the sands of time pouring through the hour glass,... YES we can hear the bones creak 'Over' the sands of time spilling... YES we find stray hairs in the oddest of places,... YES we say "What" more often ...YES the subjects of 'aches, pains and infirmities' are starting to replace the 'Oddest place you have had Sex ' topic at cocktail Parties... YES cocktail Parties are now Wine, Snacks and Sweats gatherings... YES names elude more often but "What's his face" is perfectly acceptable if you pick the right crowd to hang with....and between 6 people...YOU WILL get the name... YES it is now acceptable to 'Share a Brain' with your mate (as long as you are informed ahead of time whose day it is.) ...YES the twinge of excitement has at last replaced the overwhelming urge the 'Strangle Youth' when asked if you want the 'Senior Discount' when out at a restaurant or movie ...YES you can't do many of the things you did in your more youthful days, but they are joyously replaced with a resounding "WHO CARES" ...and you mean it!!
It is 2010... 'Gray is the New Blond' "It is finally Hip to wear Glasses' 'Size 14 is the REAL Norm and they are at last admitting it' "We've seen things others have not, experienced events others only read about and have a wisdom that is ONLY gained with age...
I do embrace all of my 59 years ...and Thank the Birthday Gods of allowing me this many and the clear memories of all those I have shared my years with ... There are days when being a certain age are not pretty, not comfortable, not as popular ...but there are other days when I would not like to be any other age than what I am...and most days age is nothing more than a number jotted down on paper.... One of my very favorite quotes of all times was by the late great baseball player Satchel Page....and I quote " If you didn't know how old you old would you be"?? To me...that speaks volumes on how a person should live their life...

On a personal note.... I found two of my favorite pictures ....and wanted to share. The top picture was of my father and Me on my first Birthday...I was not unhappy ..just see my Dad was a musician and often did not get home until 2:00AM ...he made my Mom promise not to have my first Birthday Cake without they got me up at 2:00 to celebrate...he was Thrilled as you can tell, I was on the other hand, confused! And do you know that to this day...I wake up at 2:00 am each morning...I kid you may be for just a few seconds... but I do come awake ....hell on the rem stage but I would not trade it for anything.
So at 25 years of age I wanted to recreate the setting ...shy of 2:00am (and my dad shy a few fingers) I donned my grownup footed jammies, hopped up on the table and posed a little more alert while Richard popped the picture. We giggled and cried and enjoyed the moment... Great Birthday Memories.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Birthday Blessing

Today I received what I will always consider a Birthday Blessing Gift from a New Friend in Sweden! 'Eva-Liisa Eriksson Kukkonen of the Wonderful Blog 'Ottilias Veranda'
I have always believed that things happen for the most wonderful reasons and without the need for any explanation other than...'It just Happens'...and from time to time we are touched by the hearts of others no matter how far.... I have indeed been touched by a Painting from a friend...a new friend that I received the day before my 59th Birthday .... and although it was my VERY Lucky Win from the OWOH Giveaway...I will always consider it a Birthday Blessing!
I have hung this 'gift' in a special spot to me...amongst some of my favorite things...and just below a special treasure , my grandfathers remaining brush....his favorite.
My breath has been taken away...and I am lost in the beauty of this art piece. Everyone Needs to visit this site and enjoy the wonderful works of Liisa...
Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
I truly have been Blessed with Wonderful Artistic Gifts from New Friends ...Thank You OWOH... you truly are just that...'One World...One Heart'!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Ramblings...a little of this and a chunk of that!

It is a lovely Rainy Sunday here in the desert ...and though many of you know I am not a big fan of the rain...this particular rain is a nice soaking , readying the desert floor for a Beautiful Spring of lovely desert bloom....that I like! Plus the color outside is amazing...a bluish gray, dappled with dark and light...the kind of sky that stirs up memories of childhood rain days at school! Anyone remember School Rain Days? When it was too wet to go out for recess , and playtime was confined to the classroom (MY FAV) ...where we would paint and draw, play jacks under the desk , sit and giggle with friends in the corner or sit spell bound in our seats while the teacher read stories of adventure Marco Polo or Tom Sawyer, and then eat our lunch at our desks, I can still smell the heavy aroma of bologna sandwiches, bananas and homemade peanut butter cookies that hung in the air at the united opening of 20 paper lunch sacks...OoOOo I loved those days. To me, anything that was slightly off kilter from the normal was an exciting adventure... This feels like one of those days...I woke up with it this morning and it is still going strong, I now have this mad desire for a bologna sandwich!!!! Come On Rain...give me all ya got....I am livin large in my Childhood memories!!
An update on last Thursday's 'TAD' Day.... Well...the wind was there but much less and there were a few more people because of it. But I am now pretty convinced that this outdoor selling venue is really not my cup of Tea!! Although I did sell a 'Small' amount (2 items...please please, hold the applause!) I feel that what I create is not what the Snowbird Capital of Havasu is looking for and if they are interested they want to 'talk you' down in price....WHAT!!!
It was a blast and I so enjoy spending time with good friends... but I can do that without putting myself through the 'slow tooth pulling' agony of trying to sell in a market that looks at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears!! SoooOooOOooooo... that was fun.... now back to serious work... new dolls and a few ditty's on EBAY and ETSY.
OK...The Oscars tonight.... I like to watch them...lets face it, I am one of those that likes to see what outfits are being worn and guess who is drunk by the time they exit the limo!! Richard and I were at one time BIG movie goers, but lately with the expense and incredibly Bad Popcorn being served at ridiculous prices....we opt to stay home, buy the movie and enjoy without someone kicking my seat or sneezing over my shoulder!! So several of the movies I have not seen that are up for awards... We did rent 'Hurt Locker' last night ...though a disturbing Movie (I hate war) it was brilliantly directed and acted... I think this one could get best of both those categories! Avatar was great, but I still have issues with it winning best movie. Visually it was one of the most stunning movies, but I must admit too, I am not a big fan of 3-D !! I admit I am more the Film Noir type!!!
But I will enjoy the show tonight with a glass of wine and cheer, cry, laugh and sigh with everyone else...I always get very weepy over 'Those we Lost' segment...
There are at least a dozen or two birds chattering outside my window right now...I took a peek, seems they have found shelter from the rain on our 'Tipi Poles' housed on shelves Richard made on the side of the house... always makes me feel good to know they found comfort....but I have to lay down the rules can keep dry there...BUT NO NEST BUILDING!!! Maybe I should put up a sign...hmmmmm!!!
Cleaning Studio today ...such a mess, need to organize a bit before I get seriously into work... or it will be Mess on Mess!
Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Sunday....filled with unexpected things that bring smiles and good memories!