Friday, February 5, 2010

Are You Ready for 'Vintage Black Friday'.....

OK...I only just found out about this 'Fun Event' this morning from my good friend Patty's Blog
Anyway...sounded fun and involved the color 'Black' (right up my alley) so I thought what the heck. It seems this event takes place the First Friday of each new month...and the Only Rules are that you display something on your blog that is A.) Black...and B.) Vintage!!! So I literally grabbed the first thing I could see .. Richard's 'Cybister Beetle' It is an Aquatic Beetle from the La Brea Tar Pits (Los Angeles) and lived between 10,000 - 40,000 years ago...that's pretty Vintage!! It rests in a matrix of asphalt. Richard has had this in his collection for about 25 years ...for from what we understand pieces like this are no longer being sold...the museum is now hanging onto all things found in the 'Pits' . I loved the Tar Pits as a child...located right in downtown L.A. ...we would go there on school field trips ...and they found many a 'ancient' bone in there...the Pits even 'bubbled' coooool stuff!
So there you have it...My something Black and Vintage... thanks Patty for the fun event!! Come on everybody...join in....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Commission Complete!!!!

AT LAST!!! Our Commission is complete and in the collection of our Collector!! Just wanted to share a few of the photos with you. I must say this piece has taken us much longer than expected... between bouts with colds (both of us) , the Holidays, short trips, unexpected happenings on the home front seemed at one point we would never finish this piece....but our love for it kept pushing us forward ...and not until that last day with the final touches...did we take our final "WHEW'S"....
We are most pleased with the outcome and the Collector is over the moon all is right in Creager Land!!!
If you have not seen them already there are early shots of the 'making of the Rickshaw' on our blog.... since those shots much has been accomplished with this piece...the dolls for dolls in the early shots. The Rickshaw has been painted and trimmed, cloth cover added to the folding shade top (that moves up and down to shade him) , metal blackened and polished... there also is a base (not shown) . The dolls hats and shoes were made by Richard as was the fan he holds. I made the dolls faces and hands as well as clothing and misc. details on the clothing... The gentleman riding is comfortably sitting up against 2 Chinese silk dragon pillows...edged in silk rope trim.
Richard carved the wooden seats inside the carriage and I painted to resemble always, the details never seem to show up in photographs...bummer.
So at last... we are happy to share what we have been doing for the past few months...among a few other things of course... Now onto some Miniatures ...Doing a Frankenstein to go along with 'The Bride' that we did ...and I think I really have a hankering to do some Alice in Wonderland Figures... we will see what falls out when I shake that creative tree...hmmmm maybe a Cheshire Cat!!!
Hugs to All,
Jodi and Richard

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Shout Out for a Couple of Friends...Must See Blogs

I am a very fortunate individual, I have been blessed with meeting soooo many wonderful and talented artists over the years simply because of my Profession. It always seems that the Moon and Stars align just right to put me on the perfect pathway to meet others walking the same walk. These artists I have meet over the years have enriched and fulfilled my artistic and spiritual journey that I can't help but feel blessed. Each and every day I cross paths with New 'Travelers' on this artistic journey... and most days I consider myself the luckiest Person in the world...
One of the Terrific ways of sharing art of course are through 'Blogs' and Web Sites... And we have two very talented friends that I would like share with you. Kathryn Uster Profera (Kate) has been my kindred Spirit friend for the last 8 years ..we know we are sisters that somehow were 'split apart' at birth. Kate is a very talented Lady whose artistic skills are demonstrated boldly in whatever she is working it collage, painting, jewelry, sculpture or working to keep the Earth Green and Safe friend shines! Here husband Tony (a Musical Genius) and Kate are our best friends here in Havasu, and the only people that can keep us up talking past 1:00am....LOL!!!.
Kate has been working on her 'New Blog' ...Please pop over and Say 'Hi' to my Buddy... KATHRYN USTER COLLAGE

Richard and I have known the Multi-Talented Tom Banwell since the very early days of our careers... We actually did the California Harvest Festival Circuit Together back in the 80's ...back then he blew us away with his Wooden Creations... Over the years Tom has worked in Numerous Media ...Leather, Glass, Resin just to name a few...Tom was the very talented artist that cast our Anatomy Studies that we sculpted years ago. We lived in the same neck of the woods at one time and have enjoyed dinner and wine on several occasions with he and his wife Jill...."HI' Jill. I remember Tom having a real thing for Hats (me too!!) But his hats were like no he is creating Marvelous Steampunk Designs that take our Breath away... yet another wonderful artistic direction Tom has taken...and once again....his Artistic Star Shines Bright. Please visit his Blog... TOM BANWELL LEATHER AND RESIN PROJECTS