Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something Fun for the Holidays

One of my favorite feelings of Christmas Time is remembering the past.. when we were all very small and innocent and 'truly Believed' ...all the magic of the world lived within our hearts ... With every twinkly light we saw...we made secret wishes...and believed they would come true...because someone Magical 'heard' our wishes...what a time it was. That is why this time of the year I can be found 95% of the time on 'Reminiscing Road' ...walking joyfully through the past with a Very Large Smile plastered on my face....such a warm good feeling... the only Christmas gift I want actually. Richard and I almost daily over coffee share our childhood memories ...we laugh, we cry ...we remember those who fed the magic in our souls and taught us to always keep believing ...
Believe it or not one of my favorite possessions is the above Toy is an old tattered and torn small booklet filled cover to cover with the stuff dreams were made of when we were kids.
Does anyone remember these? I have had this one for about 30 years...and although not from the store where my Mom shopped when I was a kid.... it is very much like it. You would get one of these little jewels about 2-3 months before Christmas ...a Kids very own Toy Extravaganza Catalog... You would carefully digest each and every page day after day... until if ever quizzed on the could recite the exact content of any page when the number was called out. We could imagine ourselves playing with each and every toy... I can still feel myself slipping into the pages ...ahhhh kid day dreams!
After digesting and carefully choosing your favorites would list them (in order of importance) on the provided list... next to be handed to Mom and Dad ... The 'Known' direct link to Santa....
Then you waited each day wondering if Santa got your a back up measure you visited him in the Store that handed out the Catalog ..poor guy was probably bombarded with inquiries about page items and special requests... I am sure the D.S. Santa grew to hate that catalog towards the end of the season.
These little 'Kid Shopping Gems' were such a fun and treasured Memory...and I must admit, I STILL enjoy scouring each page.
Just wanted to share with those that remember ... and with those that still dream.
Holiday Hugs
P.S. Make sure you click on the pages to make you can read and enjoy the great Toy Experience.


William Bezek said...

That is Fun! All those great toys are now the stuff of collectors!

Tace said...

I need a time machine so I can go back in time and buy up the whole catalog while all those goodies were still those prices. haha
Really fun pages to look through. Reminds me of the Sears Wish book. We'd get that every fall and start looking through it, wishing, drooling... haha

Karin Corbin said...

i remember them well. We sat and read and reread the Sears Christmas catalog. My youngest brother had a riding toy tractor like the one in the catalog. Of course we also had Lincoln logs, I built a lot of cabins with them, a very clear childhood memory of working with them, fitting the joints together and putting on the roof boards.

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Tiny Tears was the star of NBC's "Ding Dong School?" Hahaha...I do recall a doll named Tiny Tears but NEVER heard of the kiddie show "Ding Dong School". The descriptions of some of these toys are hilarious!

Debbie said...

Jodi I had a Tiny Tears but she didn't look like the one in your catalogue. Mine was a Blond Baby. I also remember having an ironing board and Iron..