Thursday, February 25, 2010

Testing the 'LIVE' Selling Market this evening GULP!

Well doing something this early evening that I have not done in a very long time... selling (hopefully) some of my jewelry at a local Art Fair 'LIVE'...GULP! Joining with 2 other Friends and Artists that we know here in Havasu in a booth for 'Thursday Market'...a blend of Arts, Crafts, Food, Local Produce ...a small quaint Home Town Venue held every Thursday in downtown Lake Havasu. I am SOOOOO out of practice...When we did the show circuit years and years ago I was really good at it, knees are shaking! Ask anyone, I can 'talk' with the best of them...and sell ANYONE'S Art...except My Own!!! LOL....strange!!! Should be fun though...Pins,Bracelets, Necklaces..OH MY!! least the weather is BEAUTIFUL Today (knocking wood)... I am having fun 'recreating' some ideas for jewelry that I had several years ago and putting new twists to them...if they go OK...I might try them on ETSY....need to get some work in there...been ages! I think the Necklace above will just be displayed this evening but go on ETSY.
Wish me Luck....and say a little Crafty Prayer that I remain erect through the whole evening (no fainting allowed)


Christel said...

anyone who can place a dead fly on a piece of paper, and draw minimal things behind it, and garner such a great response can sell their grandfathers false teeth! You will do great Jodi, anything you create is fabulous!!!Have a glorious day! xoxo Christel

Creager Studios said...

Hi Christel...Well Bless your heart for that...but I have to say this brilliant 'Fly Art' is not my belongs to another (though I will admit to doing other odd things with bugs over the years) ...I was just the messenger for this mad cap artist!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence ...false teeth...hmmmmm gives me ideas!!!lol


Healing Woman said...

Love your faces. I have been working with faces for over 30 years now and also make necklaces with faces. I love the fact that we all create with our own style. Good luck on your show. I dropped out of the show circuit a few years ago and now sell on our Farmer's Market and galleries in the Roanoke, Va. area.
You are sure to sell the one you posted..wonderful.
If you ever want to look at any of my faces please check out my blog at
Thanks so much
Cheryl Dolby

Sprite said...

Jodi, that is gorgeous. Ewww come to think of it, it may look good on me! I would wear it often hee hee ;)

I can't imagine seeing that or anything you make for that matter, on a table, and not buying it. If I were attending, I'd probably buy em' all even it if it had to be with someone else's money ha ha ha ;)

You will do well and if there's anything left I'm sure a few of us will be waiting here all excited to see them hit etsy!

Enjoy the fair & have fun!!

Love and hugs,

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm sure you will do great at the show, your art rocks best of luck and keep us posted,!

LDahl said...

Good luck! You will be just fine, it will be like riding a bike, ya' never forget. You'll probably get great feedback too. Have fun.

julie campbell said...

Hope it went well Jodi, I'm bang smack in the middle of prep for the spring run of mniniatures fairs here in the UK and love it.Always get those pre show nerves though !!
I bet it will be like riding a bike and you will have went down a storm and be planning your next appearance now LOL
julie xxx

Jo Raines said...

Hope it went well for you! I am sure it did with your level of artistry. Who wouldn't want your pieces?!


~JL said...

DiTTO on ALL said, Jodi, your work and Richard's does not need words, they speak to people, themselves...

Beautiful necklace, wishing you both, good sales... have FUN!