Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Ramblings...a little of this and a chunk of that!

It is a lovely Rainy Sunday here in the desert ...and though many of you know I am not a big fan of the rain...this particular rain is a nice soaking , readying the desert floor for a Beautiful Spring of lovely desert bloom....that I like! Plus the color outside is amazing...a bluish gray, dappled with dark and light...the kind of sky that stirs up memories of childhood rain days at school! Anyone remember School Rain Days? When it was too wet to go out for recess , and playtime was confined to the classroom (MY FAV) ...where we would paint and draw, play jacks under the desk , sit and giggle with friends in the corner or sit spell bound in our seats while the teacher read stories of adventure Marco Polo or Tom Sawyer, and then eat our lunch at our desks, I can still smell the heavy aroma of bologna sandwiches, bananas and homemade peanut butter cookies that hung in the air at the united opening of 20 paper lunch sacks...OoOOo I loved those days. To me, anything that was slightly off kilter from the normal was an exciting adventure... This feels like one of those days...I woke up with it this morning and it is still going strong, I now have this mad desire for a bologna sandwich!!!! Come On Rain...give me all ya got....I am livin large in my Childhood memories!!
An update on last Thursday's 'TAD' Day.... Well...the wind was there but much less and there were a few more people because of it. But I am now pretty convinced that this outdoor selling venue is really not my cup of Tea!! Although I did sell a 'Small' amount (2 items...please please, hold the applause!) I feel that what I create is not what the Snowbird Capital of Havasu is looking for and if they are interested they want to 'talk you' down in price....WHAT!!!
It was a blast and I so enjoy spending time with good friends... but I can do that without putting myself through the 'slow tooth pulling' agony of trying to sell in a market that looks at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears!! SoooOooOOooooo... that was fun.... now back to serious work... new dolls and a few ditty's on EBAY and ETSY.
OK...The Oscars tonight.... I like to watch them...lets face it, I am one of those that likes to see what outfits are being worn and guess who is drunk by the time they exit the limo!! Richard and I were at one time BIG movie goers, but lately with the expense and incredibly Bad Popcorn being served at ridiculous prices....we opt to stay home, buy the movie and enjoy without someone kicking my seat or sneezing over my shoulder!! So several of the movies I have not seen that are up for awards... We did rent 'Hurt Locker' last night ...though a disturbing Movie (I hate war) it was brilliantly directed and acted... I think this one could get best of both those categories! Avatar was great, but I still have issues with it winning best movie. Visually it was one of the most stunning movies, but I must admit too, I am not a big fan of 3-D !! I admit I am more the Film Noir type!!!
But I will enjoy the show tonight with a glass of wine and cheer, cry, laugh and sigh with everyone else...I always get very weepy over 'Those we Lost' segment...
There are at least a dozen or two birds chattering outside my window right now...I took a peek, seems they have found shelter from the rain on our 'Tipi Poles' housed on shelves Richard made on the side of the house... always makes me feel good to know they found comfort....but I have to lay down the rules can keep dry there...BUT NO NEST BUILDING!!! Maybe I should put up a sign...hmmmmm!!!
Cleaning Studio today ...such a mess, need to organize a bit before I get seriously into work... or it will be Mess on Mess!
Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Sunday....filled with unexpected things that bring smiles and good memories!


rosanna said...

I like your Sunday! sounds relaxing and homey and comfortable. Just the tipe of Sundays I love. Mine has not been much different: lunch with family, some stitching, a a bit of chilled Martini waiting for a friend to join us for dinner and football. If I manage to stay awake I'll watch The Oscars too. I'm the sort of guy who peeps at the dresses ;o) have a nice evening Hugs to you both Rosanna

Glenda said...

Thanks for the ramble - thoroughly enjoyable!
I'm with you there on no longer going to movie theatres - people these days seem to have lost their manners; talking, eating (smelly yukky noisy) food, being general nuisances. Give me my big HD screen at home anyday!

Karin Corbin said...

Note to self....Jodi needs birdhouses...oh yes I know the very thing...there was that witches flying school she really liked, it would be perfect done up small enough for birds.

Kathryn Uster said...

I am so loving this rain, Jodi! Those who don't live in the desert probably don't realize we always have blue skies and unrelenting sunshine, so it's so wonderful to have cloudy, overcast, and a nice thorough soaking! I wish we could bottle it for the summer and sprinkle when needed! Have fun at the Oscars! Are you and Richard dressing for the occasion? I am- sweat pants and tee shirt! But will also have my wine in hand! Cheers! Have a great day!

julzabro said...

Love reading your blog....U really made me remember that smell of brown lunch bags being opened...;) Thanx for sharing!