Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lost in Space and Time...again!!!

OK...OK...I know it has been ages and ages since I was last here...couple of months in fact...and I think that is actually way past the 'BAD Jodi Biscuit' stage of punishment... Lets just say I was a little 'stuck' in life's syrupy sidewalk of life... No excuse really other than this and that and the other kept throwing itself at me......if I could juggle better I am sure I would have had the whole thing handled...Nope, not I!
So since we last spoke ...I turned the Gigantic '60' ...HOLY CRAP-OLEEE Batman!!! Had a Big 60's inspired Hippie Party with friends and family (see above shots) fun fun fun...wonderful band, great eats, good wine and lots of lively talk of every ones '60's experiences...I could write a book!!! So with that finished I have officially stopped celebrating 'getting older' birthdays...put a fork in it...birthdays are Done!!
We have been doing lots of 'stuff' around the house...with the weather nice and all...and enjoying as much as we can our tipi that sits there telling me daily..."FINISH painting me"...but do I listen... nope!! She will be coming down for the season I am afraid before that task is completed..but...we always have the fall time...
We have not been in the water with the kayaks yet this spring season... that is what we feel the worst about ...but it has been so cold this winter and not that fun to kayak ...the weather now is just getting bearable to us...(we are desert weenies and can't take temps much below 60!!lol)
Richard is fixing up a trailer to haul the kayaks more easily...(yet another project)
As for dolls...we have had some commissions and finished all of those...then did Edgar Allan Poe in Miniature...listing him on EBAY...if someone would like and you have not yet seen him...I would be happy to post pictures here...just let me know...
Working now on a miniature Alice ...from Wonderland fame...a bit different! Lost of fun and we hope to list by Sunday.
Not sure whats up next...maybe some miniature Portrait settings...
We go to NIADA this August (National Institute of American Doll Artists) in Denver , CO and we are very excited...get to see old friends and make new ones...if you are in the area...please stop by...
OK...I best get back to Alice...
Talk to you all soon...


rosanna said...

It's so nice to read a new post and see you. Welcome back and thanks for the great pics. Minihugs Rosanna

Creager Studios said...

Oh my sweet friend wonderful to see you, missed you.
Thanks for the warm welcome back..


Karin Corbin said...

Hey party girl, good to see you again. That facebook site has seduced you away from us.

Any birthday over 60 is very much worth celebrating, think of the alternative to not having any more birthdays. Logical conclusion is they must be more important than the birthdays of our youth. So I say let em be a riot act each and every year if you enjoy parties. Dance until you can't dance any more just because you know you still can.

You are now officially a wise woman, a tribal elder. It is a great age to be.

Creager Studios said...

Hello Dear karin... So wonderful to hear from true about is rather like a drug..but my heart always belongs here I can be more myself here in Bloglandia!
I am going to print out your words and live by them...thank you... and I truly enjoy the 'Official Wise Woman...tribal elder' I really do...and from this point on I will call myself just that ...a Tribal Elder!! Love it and Thanks


~JL said...

Karin, i L♥Ve the way you look at iT ALL! Words of WiSDOM!

Wishing you a beLated but He♥RTFeLT

♫•*¨*•.¸*HaPpY BiRTHDaY*¸.•*¨*• ♫♪