Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Well it is early afternoon on Sunday...and by now I have posted something on my blog... but to tell you the truth I did something I NEVER EVER do...I slept in...reason being...we sat in the tipi with friends until way after midnight or 1:00 not sure which it was... we talked and talked and burned a small stand of wood... what a time we had... no one wanted to leave the tipi comfort ...including me!

So as I never stay up that late (early morning person here so there for early to bed'r person) I languished ...was kind of nice.

Drat the luck , was going to pop pictures of last night... but got totally caught up in the fun of just sitting around.

Dinner was yummy ... and company the best...

So today I rest for the wicked I always say. Finishing up a miniature then onto hopefully a idea I have bouncing around in my head and a few shadow boxes.

OK...let's hop to it...everyone grab a brush, sculpting tool, pair of scissors or whatever your device of creation is and seize what's left of this glorious Sunday...

Happy Day to All




Kathryn Uster said...

What a great pic of the tipi at night, Jod! That was a fun evening, a delicious dinner and wonderful conversation as usual! We do talk a lot don't we? One AM! Next time Scrabble!
Kat (+:

Creager Studios said...

Hey Kate...

GREAT to see you last...for those reading this Kate in on of the 'participants' of the tipi sit on Saturday and a good friend...not to mention a great artist...I am trying to get her to start a blog...I will keep trying.

Thanks for popping by...