Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I mention that I HATE the Phone!!!

Sorry.... but I don't do Phones!!! Try as I may...over these many many years of trying like heck to be a phone person... I just have never ever picked up the habit...believe me, I have tried.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there that feels this way...although we are probably pretty hard to track down..I mean, not using the phone and all to call in our opinions!
Even as a teenager (you remember them, the ones that adored being on the phones for hours upon hours talking to boyfriends and girlfriends saying absolutely nothing ...those teenagers) ...anyway...even when I was one of those...I was never one of those. My Mom said I hated the phone even then...GOD LORD, in thinking back..maybe I have one of those weird Phone 'Phonaphobiclacia' or 'Ringadeckaphobia' or 'Wrongnumberlocious' ... all I know is that phones and I don't agree very much...I am more of a 'in person' kinda gal.... although I do like the computer...but if it had a head phone...forgetaboutit.

It's not that I don't like who is at the other end of the receiver...I LOVE everyone and actually enjoy chatting at times...but most of the time...I truly believe the phone is out to get it is a 'personal' thing!! You I work at home...there is a phone... and it seems that always when I start to really get into rings....I stop...I go to answer...and it is either someone selling something...or....they hang up. I got an answer machine...those that know about my little 'phone thing' always leave a message because they know when I work...I seldom answer the phone....others do not....yet the phone rings and rings and rings and rings...every 5 minutes with no messages left... Drives me Bazonko!!. I feel bad that I feel this way... but if I could I would rid myself of the plastic beast in a nanosecond... but alas that is not practical. We have 1 cell phone...just in case heading across the desert in 120 degree summer heat and our car breaks down...then those little suckers are handy dandy...but I could not tell you the number to save my soul and it is always off!!!

As I said...I am not a hater of people or chat, both are super dooper in my book... I just have an enormous dislike for the Phone Monster ....

Not sure why I chose to blog about this subject...other than I counted no less than 28 calls today...ALL hang ups!! GRRRRRRRRR.

Now you wait and see...when I sit down tonight in front of the TV with my glass of Zin and a good movie...guess what will happen....Yep! Phonezilla will attack .... it lays in wait for me!!!




Christopher A. Klingler said...

OMG Jodi!!! I HATE to talk on the phone impersonal if you ask me. Not the same as chatting in person.

The fact that I used to average 100+ calls a day as a customer service representative at a local bank for 2 years in another life...OH and as a medical insurance collections rep. for another 2 years (don't ask)...OY!!!

Thought you would get a chuckle from that...I have had TOO many past lives...just call me Shirley Klingler or is that Chris McLain! LOL '-P)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Me (-:

Creager Studios said...

Too funny Chris.... glad to see there is a fellow 'phone hater' out there... Maybe I came on a tad to strong with my feelings for the Plastic beast but I had reached the breaking point yesterday...
Sounds like you have had several phone related jobs over this and 'other' lives. I too have had those type of jobs...heck I even was talked into making political calls at election time...WHAT!!! Shows how devoted I was to the candidate.

Sure as shootin I got two calls while sipping Zin last night...Now they are just toying with me!!

Crazy Monsters!!

Happy Sunday

LYNDY WARD said...

Hi Jodi, I'm not a phone person either. Did you know that there is an off hook switch that causes your phone to turn into a phone listening device? Yep, there is a code that the phone company uses to check the phone lines, but what it really does is it opens the phone they are checking into a one way listening device right into the room the phone is located.

It rings once (usually a different sounding ring) & then the person with the code can hear into your room through your phone! And you can't do anything about it except disconnect the phone from the wall. AND yes this is illegal phone tapping that the phone personnel are using along with their friends & others to invade our rights to privacy.

If I ever find out that darn code I'm turning it over to Oprah Winfrey.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hugs Always,

Creager Studios said...

WOW Lyndy!!!!! Now I REALLY Hate and mistrust the phone Monster!!!LOL....
Next thing you know...they will start breathing and we will have to start 'feeding' them...

UGH!!! Thanks for the heads up...
and a great intro to a new reality show...'Phone Fear Factor'!!!

My Best,


Linda S. Socha said...

Great fun Post! I like your style

Creager Studios said...

Thank You so much Linda...

And Thanks too for visiting...