Monday, June 1, 2009

Anniversary Time..

I woke this morning with a thought of both joy and panic.... Joyful in that I am still residing in blissful Happiness with the man laying beside me ... yet panic in that I REALLY want to know where the last 34 years has gone??!! I swear to you I was JUST 23 ... had no butt and no 'extra' chin ..and he was void of gray.... how does this happen??? Oh Well...I guess it is just some sort of ancient mystery that will never be for now, I am one of the luckiest girls in the world in that I found my Perfect Match and Mate in Richard...and he in me.

34 years ago almost to the minute of me jotting this message...Richard and I were wed in his Mother's Backyard under a mulberry tree that Richard planted when he was a boy ...sitting on hand made quilts that his mother made... we wanted this setting and not a church as we felt more spiritual in his mothers yard.. I made my dress from cotton linen and sewed on beads , nuts and organic little pods....I made Richard shirt .... our wedding party was casual and laid back...a small gathering of friends and family...we ate Veggie Burgers (I was a Vegetarian when I met Richard) and had homemade carrot cake in the shape of a big natural log (one of my friends was a baker)...pretty cool. We drank Nectar Rose Wine (they no longer make this wine) and listened to Seals and Crofts, Crosby Stills and Nash and John Denver. Then Richard and I headed to the wilds of outdoor camping in Utah and was heaven!

I created a 'Gallery of Memories' on our PBASE Gallery if anyone wants to 'Witness the Aging Process' and Gallery of Glasses and Hair-dos over the last 34 years.... kinda fun...

Hugs to All

Jodi and Richard


Judy C said...

I know where the 34 years went. You were enjoying each other. And getting ready to make Meeces.

rosanna said...

I have gone through your photos and I felt a lump in my troath. Love always makes me feel weird and there is so much love between you two. You make me think of my parents (younger, of course) who were sweethearts after 47 years.A blessed couple as you are. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love loads Rosanna

Ara said...

Happy 34 years! What a fun bunch of pictures... looks like those years were def fun-filled :) -ara

Caseymini said...

Happy Anniversary Jodi and Richard! May you have many more!

Unknown said...

Happpppy Anniversary Jodi and Richard! 34 yrs do go in a blink of an eye... then the 34 more years will too
: )

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Oh my goodness Jodi! What a wonderful Gallery of Memories! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you and Richard through the years! What fun! It was a real treat...the fashions, the hair styles, the glasses and obviously the love you two share! : ) Life is good!

"Summer breeeeeeeeze makes me feel fine....blowin' through the jasmine in my mind."

Congratulations to you both and Happy Anniversary!


Debbie said...

"Congratulations to you both on your 34th Anniversary", here's to the next 34...
Best wishes and big hugs to the both of you...xxxx

Jdee said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours was Saturday~
Bless all the years you two have had together.
I love the photos and retrospect of the hairdos! Classic!
Time slips away. I tell my daughter all the time that she's going to wake up and be 40.. She's 28.. It goes by that fast though.

Crafts From The Stash said...

Happy Anniversary to you Both!
Debie xxxxxxx

Patty Benedict said...

Jodi and Richard...LOVE all he great 70's photos!!!! Jodi your hair was sooo long! You both STILL look the same...thank you for sharing your photos and happy memories!
Next year you will have the BIG 35!!!!!
I will want to see Photos!!!!
Big hugs

twinkle teaches said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Beautiful pic! :)

William Bezek said...

Joyeux Anniversaire de Mariage!
Felice Anniversario!
Hronia Polla!
Kinen-bi omedetou gozaimasu!
Happy Anniversary!

julie campbell said...

Happy anniversary to you both, loved reading about your wedding , it sounds just perfect and you both look so young and full of hope :0)
You know what they say about time flying when youre having fun , you two must have had so much fun !! wishing you many years more ahead
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

You really are a fairy tale couple!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, to you both. To find your soul mate, your true love is the most magical blessing!How lucky you are to find your swan; your lobster. May you have many many years more of the same happiness you share now. Lots of Hugs, Kate and John xx

Mags Cassidy said...

Very best wishes to you both.
Here's to many more years together.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Lovely photos and beautiful memories.
My favourite picture was the one of your first bungalow together where you are standing at the top of the stairs. Yes, i did have a good old nose... lol.
Best wishes for the next 34 years and more.
Nikki x

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Isn't it fun to take a trip down memory lang:) You both look like beautiful souls and totally look like you were meant for each other.
I know exactly what you mean about "where did all the time go?" It is both happy and sad at the same time. At least you can say that the journey to where you have gotten so far has been beautiful and your partner you have shared this with is perfect for you:)
I am sure the next 34 years with be even more amazing then the last.....if that is possible??

Warm Hugz


LDWatkins said...

Your love shines through! Isn't it wonderful to be best friends with each other!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved the pictures. It will be 32 years for me and my husband this year and somewhere along the way we became one person. I can't imagine myself without him and we finish each others sentences. Congratulations on finding your soul mate and many many more happy years ahead! Tammy

Sprite said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved the photos! Thanks for sharing :)

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Happy happy belated anniversary!!!

Hope you BOTH had a special day.

mE (-:

Creager Studios said... I normally answer each and every posting from everyone kind enough to write...
But forgive me this one time to make one big 'THANK YOU' to ALL!!!
I read each and every lovely sentiment...twice! And I (we) truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such lovely messages....
Our Day was wonderful, had a lovely dinner and talked for a couple hours about all the many things that took place over this last 34 years...we laughed, we cried we felt we have been very blessed. Thank You one and All for being our friends here in Bloglandia ...and becoming part of our fond memories for the next leg our our journey...

Warm Hugs to All...

Jodi and Richard

Kristina von Wiesen said...

Happy Anniversary Jodi and Richard!:)
Loved the photos, thank you for sharing!


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary Jodi and Richard, best wishes for the next 34 years and many more!

Hugs, Sabiha

Sherry Goshon said...

happy 34 yrs how fast the years fly and we enjoyed the pictures totally awesome stroling down memory lane with yall love sherry
and jeff

Leah's Art Magic said...

Happy Aniversary Jodi and Richard!
Groovy pictures!
My husband and I are going on 31 years and it has flew by so fast. I hear ya!


Tallulah Belle said...

Happy Anniversary Richard & Jodi.

What wonderful pictures...I enjoyed every one of them..

Without meaning to be a sap you can just tell how much you love each other.

I hope my marriages is as successful as your is...although we've already known each other 28 years even if we have not been married a year ;-)

Creager Studios said...

Hi Jayne...

So happy you liked the Pics... was absolutely a Blast from the Past.... so young!! UGH!! Boy you can tell how much I like Food and my wine...hee hee! (and CAKE)

Very sweet of you to say that about Richard and I...funny story...when Richard and I were first dating..actually, only on two dates...but we both worked at Sears in Vegas...and took our lunches together ...on the front lawn in front of the we were walking back inside...a cab driver waved us over to him and said..." guys are in Love aren't you, if you are not married yet, you will be soon"...and we were! I guess we were giving off a vibe or aura or something!! that was a pretty cool moment!

P.S. I think you and your hubby look FANTASTIC together...Perfectly fit as a matter of fact!

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Oh Jodi,
I'm so glad I'm blog catching up. I just spent 35 minutes looking at Jodi and Richard grow in love through the years! How wonderful is that? WOW! If ever there was a couple that were soul's you two.
And there really was a Tilly!
Love you and thanks for sharing your life...

Tallulah Belle said...

That was a cool moment really do exude something....vibe or aura I don't know but it is definately there to see even in photos.

And you are so lucky to work together...I am sure you realize that. Most of us are lucky to get a grunt out of our men when we show them what we have made.

But to have the same vision and talent to create somehting together...that is just amazing.

Jo Raines said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Glad you're still madly in love--that's so rare these days. Jerry and I will be wed 24 years this month and hoping to be with him forever! I, too, was lucky to have found my sole mate.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Marie S said...

Happy Anniversary!
And Jodi...
you still look fabulous dahling!!!
I loved looking at the photos, thank you for sharing them.
Bless you both for many more years.
Incense and peppermints