Tuesday, November 10, 2009

International Overalls Day!!

International Overalls Day November 20, 2009
Sassy up your overalls! Join me, and 1000's of people, all over the world for the first annual International Overall Day, Nov 20. Take a pic of you in your overalls, and you could be featured in a historical album. Who knows this could end up being a calendar with YOU in it! Post your picture on your blog or Facebook. Get the official button above for your blog. Spread the word and the fun.

Woodstock Lille

OK... that is a wonderful message from my friend Lille ...Woodstock Lille to be exact ...you must go and check out her blog about Bib Overalls... Now I always knew that she and I had a lot of things in common (actually called ourselves 'Litter Mates') but now to find out she is crazy in love with Bib Overalls like I am ...well, it's just all wonderfully crazy!! I ADORE Big Overalls ...have worn them most of my life...of course most of us ex-Hippies lived in our comfy bibs.... sadly I am only down to 3 pairs (have them on right now even as I type this believe it or not)
To durn hot to wear em in the summer months...so fall is exciting for yet another reason...dragin out the bibs!!
I hope if you are a certified Bib 'O' File you will consider joining in the fun...but on those designs of genius and take a walk down the comfort lane of life!!



Lille Diane said...

We are attached at our overall hips. I am as ecstatic as you are about this event. I loved the pic of Richard up top wearing his bibs, too. Thanks for spreading the fun, Jodi!

Creager Studios said...

Hey Lille...

Well this kinda stuff is right up my alley..so much a part of who I was and am today...

Bibs RULE~~~