Saturday, December 19, 2009

A little Scary ...Not for the Kiddies!

I shudder to think this is the direct things have gone or will go in.... but it does make you think. I am a Old Fashioned girl at heart...choosing not to live beyond my budget and making most presents for friends and family....
I laugh at commercials selling stuff.... stuff I gotta have...YEAH RIGHT!!!
Hope no one takes offence to this nasty little 'Twist' on Santa...
Holiday Hugs


William Bezek said...

When I was growing up, my step father was in law school with steep tuition and we didn't have any money to spare so we made each other gifts...they were the best ones I ever got.

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I think the Santa poster says it all about our society. The more you spend on someone, the more you love them. Ho ho ho.

This year I haven't purchased one single item for anyone. I've pared down the list of gift recipients to a few special children.

And I've made the gifts for them. It's taken me years to convince my family of adult siblings that it's time to lay off the excessive gift giving...we have more fun just hanging out together.

Finally, this year they 'got' it and we'll be enjoying each others company instead of stressing at the mall and fainting when the bills arrive!

Caseymini said...

I'm with you all the way, Jodi! Making pressies means a lot more anyway. It shows that you put some real thought into the gift.

Sprite said...

It sad but it does feel about accurate. Between me & my bf we have 20 nieces and nephews, our families are huge. Kids alone is more than enough to break the bank. I was well behaved this year with shopping and still can't believe how much was spent. You've got the right idea, I think next year I'll start early and make most of the gifts for everyone else! Gosh at the rate I move i better start now for next year ha ha ha ;) Hope your enjoying the season, it's starting to snow here in NY! :)

Debbie said...

I'm with you Jodi, I will not get into debt for Christmas. I think presents that are home made are

Christel said...

Definately not offended here Jodi, I'm on the bandwagon!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I think the same, but although i think the same it is never as easy making everyones gifts homemade.
For those that appreciate a handmade gift, then homemade it will be.
But boys, Christmas means games for their comps and lots of electrical stuff.
I have however been busy hand making decorations for gifts, so at least the outsides are all handmade.
Not for the boys though, they wuldnt think to look twice at the wrapper, lol.
Got to say i am so sick to death with perfume commercials. Picking a perfume this year must be the hardest task for those that love it.
Waffling now, lol.
I hope this message posts with my name. Seems my son patrick has been poking at my blog and now his name is left in comments. This is my tester to see if i've fixed the problem.
Nikki xxx

rosanna said...

I totally share your thougt. I never spend much for presents, we are lucky enough that we do not really need anything and even Matteo at the age of 7 told me:" I already have all I need". Last year I presented my colleagues with homemade spiced sugar and they loved it more than anything else I had ever given to them.It is true that the thought is more important that the actual value. Best wishes Rosanna

julie campbell said...

I'm with you on this. When we were kids we got very excited making our home made presents. Even though now the consumer bug has bitten me and I do go xmas shoppping, I would never get into debt for xmas and I still love to make some home made pressies. Usually foodie ones. I was so pleased when I found my lovely daughter making cookies and sweeties for xmas gifts and happily sticking cloves in oranges and tying them with tartan ribbon " like mam does" :0)
The true meaning of xmas has nothing to do with shopping till we drop !
Hope you and yours have a wonderful one :0)
julie xxx

Tallulah Belle said...

Jodi you are so has gotten to the point now it is insane.

I had to go to Walmart for something yesterday and it was heaving with people with trolleys full of toys...most of which are utter junk and won't last 5 minutes.

The woman in front of me was one of them...her first credit card was declined. Then she had to split the balance between 3 other credit cards as she didn't have enough credit left on one. As I watched I figured I was being too judgmental and perhaps she does pay them off before the bill is due. Then she went on to tell the cashier her hubby had been laid off 4 months ago and they were at the end of their credit. Crazy.

I bought gifts the first year I was here to send home. The shipping bill was awful. the next year I cut down but shipping had gone up.

This year I had to say no...the postage was just too much all in one go.

Hope you are both feeling much better now.

Linda Fleming said...

I hate how the holidays have become so materialistic! The Lexux and jewelry commercials especially make me want to gag- since when did going into debt for luxury cars and diamonds say I love you? LOL

Creager Studios said...

WOW...looks like we all agree onwhat Christmas Holidays have become. And remember well the Christmases of our past...

Happy Holidays to ALL of my Talented Friends... who believe giving from the heart is Precious, Caring and Smart!


Tace said...

Ohhhh confession time here.... despite the fact my business is to sell the things I make, my husband and I have actually gotten out of the habit of buying so much stuff during Christmas. But STUFF is the operative word here. STUFF is the filler, the things with no personality, the STUFF that clogs the chain stores and lures us into purchasing.
Handmade and awesome, OOAK, Less is more and regifting are the new flavors of the holidays I see winding their way through a lot of people's conversations. Cool!
This year we practiced that fine art of re-gifting for the kiddies in the family and are continuing the practice of NOT gifting for the adults. Wow, surprisingly satisfying to only have a few kids to get gifts for.
Happpppppppppppppppppy holidays to you!