Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MOOD...what Mood!!

Been a REAL day of those days we all have had (some more than others...gulp!)... Woke up in a mood... progressed thoughout the day in a mood...and will probably go to bed with the same freakin mood... can't shake it and can't figure out what kind of mood it is.... that is why I waited so long to post today...thought I could shake off 'this mood'...

I did work on art today...hell what am I saying...I work on art every one form or was spent working on Face pins and other jewelry thingies for a small local show this weekend... I hardly ever do shows anymore...only if they are local...and this is about as local as they get... about 10 minutes from my front door. It is called Winterfest...draws abut 30-40 thousand people in 2 days.... so that is pretty big... mostly 'snowbirds' (our winter visitors) ...So several of our local art friends are setting up booths to sell their wonderful art...from Glass, to silver to carvings, pottery and print work... some really talented people in this small desert town of Lake Havasu. We don't have enough to fill a booth or even a full will be setting up on a small 3 foot table... even though we don't have much to show and sell..I do love to decorate tables....I think I have spent more time on the display than making art...I know...weird!! But it will be fun sitting with friends, talking to people and basically just getting out of the studio for a few hours...

I made a few new pins designs that I am pretty happy with ..a little different for me...I love different.

So That is it for this to chill and 'Un-Mood' myself over a glass of wine and a little tipi sitting....Cheers!



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Patty Benedict said...

Sound like you need a little (Maybe a weekend) break! Have fun at your show!!! Enjoy your freinds ... you can always sculpt tomorrow!

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